Therapeutic   Healing    Rejuvenating

“The body and mind are interwoven – speaking to each other to achieve perfect harmony and balance.”

Each massage is individualized to your specific needs to produce not only relief from ailments, but also a deep relaxation that leads to a profound sense of well-being. I offer a quiet, nurturing environment and blend a holistic healing approach of Western and Eastern techniques in my sessions.  Fifteen years of professional practice result in letting my “intuitive hands” do the work that’s uniquely needed in any given moment, for each and every client.

Light to medium massage strokes help relieve tight muscles, stress, headaches, depression, and minor aches and pains. Therapeutic massage can increase circulation, improve immunity and eliminate tension and toxins carried in the body, usually promoting increased energy, improved flexibility, and more restful sleep.

This technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue within the body. Warming the body slowly with soft…then intensified slow strokes, deep tissue massage is effective in treating chronic pain, whiplash, lower back and neck pain, sciatica, circulatory problems, headaches, computer knots, and repetitive stress injuries.

Ideal for anyone in training or beginning new workout routines that need to remain flexible, maintain overall performance and reduce pain. These fast paced, kneading techniques help flush toxins from muscles, healing and reducing scar tissue and realigning muscle fibers to improve your range of motion.

This unique blend of soft to deep tissue, sports and relaxation massage can be used effectively to treat specific injuries, including those caused in auto accidents or in on-the-job injuries. This level of bodywork requires an assessment by your physician prior to beginning injury treatment massage, and may take extended treatments for improved healing. Practices are likely to include heat or ice packs, passive and active stretching techniques, and post massage recommendations on activities to continue your ongoing health improvement.  (CIP and L&I insurance billing is available).

Massage is an excellent way to help pregnant mothers release anxiety, relieve stress and tension as your body transitions through the pregnancy stages. Focused massage techniques can reduce and alleviate neck, back and joint pain, tension, fatigue and headaches and may help reduce blood pressure and soothe nerves, helping you in your day-to-day activities and nighttime sleep. Specific techniques are used to maintain the mother’s absolute safety and comfort, and can help with skin elasticity to reduce stretch marks.

Massage therapies for babies, young adults, and the older adult vary depending upon the situation. All techniques used are designed to promote relaxation, improved sleep, respiration and circulation, which can boost immunity, aid in digestion, and release toxins.  Massage therapy is comforting, therapeutic and good for all ages.

Seated massage is performed fully clothed, in a specially designed massage chair in the home or workplace and is a great stress reducer.  Available in 15 to 20 minute increments, chair massage can be the perfect way to improve employee morale, used as an incentive during job fairs, trade shows – or even as a special gift during in-home parties.  (Group/Corporate pricing is available.)