20130510_152947Ruth Ann Baker has provided licensed massage to more than 500 clients in her private practice since 1997. Upon graduating from Seattle Massage School, Ruth Ann immersed herself in the “art” of massage, quickly learning that her hands actually had an “intuition” of their own.”  My hands truly take over, finding the knots and muscle tension in my client’s body. I’m told, they always know exactly how to release the resistance in just the right way.”

Located in Kirkland, WA, Ruth Ann continues to expand her healing skills through continuing education.  Her techniques also include abdominal massage, shoulder injury treatments, knee massage, Thai massage as well as deeper applications of breathing principles.  In addition to massage, she attained her Hypnotherapy Certification in 2009, and began teaching continuing education courses for LMPs in 2013.

“I love being a healing practitioner! My success stems from my joy in watching my clients achieve the physical and mental goals they strive for.”