Located in Kirkland, WA, Ruth Ann Baker, has provided licensed massage for more than 500 clients for over 16 Ruth_Ann_Baker_3years while in private practice.

“Massage is truly a gift that you give to yourself, and to others because it provides so many benefits.  It’s my privilege to have such amazing clients. I’m honored that they continue to return and trust me to help them improve their physical and mental health.”

Ruth Ann’s success comes from a deep caring for people, and having hands that have an “intuition” of their own. “My hands truly take over, finding the knots and muscle tension in my client’s body. They seem to know exactly how to release the resistance in just the right way.”

In addition to massage, Ruth Ann achieved a Hypnotherapy Certification
in 2009, and began teaching continuing education courses for Licensed Massage Practitioners in 2013.

Learn about Massage, Hypnotherapy services and gift certificates. Feel free to book an appointment online with Ruth Ann for your next massage, hypnotherapy session, or to attend one of her interactive workshops for LMPs.